Four Gym Stations

The Gym Four Stations allows the users to execute various exercises at the same time and reach various body parts. The [...]


Suspension Connector

Rower or Bench Hanger

Microfone Headset p/ MR-SU9

Olympic Shoulder Bench
This gym equipment, assembled to an aluminum and stainless steel structure allows to execute various exercises with the most comfort and security [...]

Horizontal Bike (LED)

Wrist Machine
This strength machine offers a high performance exercise working on the upper members region, committing to the users when it comes [...]

Competition Kettlebell (36kg)
Ref.: K36 Weight: 36 kg Color: Various [...]

SPC Flooring wood texture (Pack 2.25m²)

Weights (2.5kg - Ø 50mm)
Weight: 2.5kg Color: Blue Ø50 [...]