Resistance [...]


Space 4 Laser - Só Verde

Seated Leg Press
The Leg Press strength machine offers a high performance exercise working on the lower members  region, commiting to the users [...]

Lat Pulldown and Low Row (Dual)
Length: 211cm Width: 124cm Height: 223cm Weight: 158kg Load: 100kg [...]

Treadmill Power
Technical Features: Auto Generated Dual Resistance System Band Resistance Level: 8 Magnetic Resistance Level: 8 Belt&nbs [...]

Crunch Bench
The Crunch Bench is a gym equipment that adjusts to various positions in order to provide the most comfortable and safe gym experience.   L [...]

Interval Training Timer
LED with count up and down functions Dimensions: 41 x 10 x 4cm Remote control [...]

Wood Plyobox (40 x 50 x 60cm)
Dimensions: 60 x 40 x 50cm Weight: 13kg Color: Black Made in wood [...]

Four Gym Stations
The Gym Four Stations allows the users to execute various exercises at the same time and reach various body parts. The various exercises are the foll [...]

TUBE 180cm
Ref: CF2180 Length: 180cm Color: Black [...]