Power Bag (15kg)

Color: Black


Treadmill Power
Technical Features: Auto Generated Dual Resistance System Band Resistance Level: 8 Magnetic Resistance Level: 8 Belt&nbs [...]

Hexagonal Rubber Dumbbells (2x47.5kg)

Rubber Floor 100 x 100 x 1cm
Ref.: A039-2 Dimensions: 100 x 100 x 1cm Color: Black Microgranulated [...]

Weights (2.5kg - Ø 50mm)
Weight: 2.5kg Color: Black Ø50 [...]

Multi Purpose Handle

Colunas Audiomix (unid) 200Wrms

Multipower 3D
This multifunction strength machine offers a high performance exercise committing to the users when it comes to high performance but al [...]

Hexagonal Rubber Dumbbells (2x10kg)
10kg x 2 [...]

Shoulder Press Convergent
The Shoulder Press Convergent strength machine offers a high performance exercise working on the shoulders region, commiting t [...]