Curved AirMill



Pull Up Ramp
TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS   Reference   CF14PUR   Brand   AZAFIT®   Co [...]

Dumbbells Rack (15 Pairs)
Dimensions: 260 x 90 x 90cm Color: Black [...]

Rubber Dumbbells (2x15kg)
15kg x 2 [...]

Slam Ball (10kg)
Ref.: SB10 Weight: 10kg Color: Dark Blue [...]

Latex Band
Dimensions: 1200 x 15 x 0,5mm Color: Purple [...]

Colored Bumper Plates (5kg)

Adjustable Bench
The Adjustable Bench is a gym equipment that adjusts to various positions in order to provide the most comfortable and safe gym experience. &n [...]

Bumper Plates Rack
SPECIFICATIONS   Reference   A032   Brand   AZAFIT®   Color   Bla [...]

Standing Mat Rack