Shoulder Press


Coluna Amplificada com Radio USB 300Wrms

Vibration Plate
The vibration exercise machine produces a vibration through which energy is transfered to the body. Display very easy and intuitive to use. Helpful wh [...]

Colored Bumper Plates (25kg)

Prone Leg Curl
This strength machine offers a high performance exercise committing to the users when it comes to high performance but also of [...]

Rubber Dumbbells (2x20kg)
20kg x 2 [...]

Hexagonal Rubber Dumbbells (2x30kg)

Tricep Single Rope

Massage Roller (Blue)
Length: 90cm Weight: 1kg Color: Blue Ø15cm [...]

Wall Ball Target
TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS   Reference   CF13SWB   Brand   AZAFIT®   Co [...]