Seated Leg Extension


Ankle Weight (2x3kg)

Hexagonal Rubber Dumbbells (2x40kg)

Black Soft Plyo Box - PVC
Ref.: AZAPBOX2 [...]


Power Bag (5kg)
5kg Color: Black [...]

Rubber Dumbbells (2x32.5kg)
32,5kg x 2 [...]

Hack Squat
This strength machine offers a high performance exercise committing to the users when it comes to high performance but also of [...]

Trampoline Pro
EQUIPAMENTO PARA USO PROFISSIONAL O trampolim proporciona um desenvolvimento cardiovascular através de exercícios de aeróbica. [...]

Bars and Weights Rack (Ø 50mm)
Dimensions: 46 x 90 x 165cm Weight: 17kg Color: Black Ø50mm [...]