Power Cage

This multifunction strength machine offers a high performance exercise committing to the users when it comes [...]


Olympic Bar (1.5m)
Length: 1500mm Weight: 12kg Handle: Ø30mm Sleeve: Ø50mm With bearings. [...]

Lat Pulldown
    Reference   FSM57   Brand   FFITTECH®   Length   157 [...]

Hexagonal Rubber Dumbbells (2x20kg)

Lock Pro Collars (Ø 50mm)
Color: Black Ø50mm [...]

Hexagonal Rubber Dumbbells (2x47.5kg)

Slam Ball (5kg)
Weight: 5kg Color: Dark Blue [...]

Hexagonal Rubber Dumbbells (2x10kg)
10kg x 2 [...]

Foam Plyobox
Ref.: PBOX.S Heights: 7.5cm / 15cm / 30cm Color: Black Velcro closing. [...]

Rubber Dumbbells (2x27.5kg)
27,5kg x 2 [...]