Bumper Plates (25kg)

Ref.: BP25

Weight: 25kg

Color: Black


Dumbbells Rack (15 Pairs)
Dimensions: 260 x 90 x 90cm Color: Black [...]

Ankle Weight (2x3kg)

Vertical Bike (TV)

Punching Bag Bracket
TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS   Reference   CF10PBB   Brand   AZAFIT®   Co [...]

Rubber Dumbbells (2x30kg)
30kg x 2 [...]

Weights (10kg - Ø 50mm)
Weight: 10kg Color: Black Ø50 [...]

Incline Chest Press
This strength machine offers a high performance exercise committing to the users when it comes to high performance but also of [...]

Weight Chest Vest (10kg)

Adjustable Bench
The Adjustable Bench is a gym equipment that adjusts to various positions in order to provide the most comfortable and safe gym experience. &n [...]